What authors do you always read and recommend?

Summer special – Bookish Blog Hop!

After the interesting discussion we had on Fee Kelly’s blog yesterday on reviewing the books you read by answering “Do you review all the books that you read?“, we are here on my blog today to discuss author recommendations.

All through the month of June, we would be visiting different hosts, discussing various topics on reading and reviewing. Want to be part of future Bookish Blog Hops? Join our Facebook group.

What authors do you always recommend?

I am a voracious reader. Of late, I have been reading a lot of Indie authors and liking the new content a lot. Lately, we have so many first-time authors self-publishing their books, which gives us an opportunity to explore talent without them being filtered out by publishing companies. I enjoy these new authors and their work. Many of them are like a breath of fresh air – content like never before.

Having said that, I have my comfort authors to whom I turn to when I feeling down, just like we turn to comfort food in our dire times. My comfort authors are Agatha Christie and Arthur Doyle for their cozy mysteries.

Dame Christie’s wide variety of characters give me ample options to choose depending on my mood. Sir Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes always make me happy. These authors have a style of writing unparallelled through the years. They are my guiding stars in lost times and 3 AM buddies when I can’t sleep. I would swear by them for my life.

Here’s what the rest of the gang say about their recommended authors:

Becki Svare www.abookloversadventures.com

I have several authors that I read regularly. If I see anything new from Elizabeth Adler, Jennifer Crusie or Nora Roberts, I will automatically pick them up and know that I will enjoy them!

Fee Kelly http://ebookaddicts.net

My go to authors are Melissa Foster for romance, John Mefford for thriller and Carolyn Arnold for police procedurals. I use to devor Patricia Cornwell books but stopped after she changed her style and it just wasn’t the same read for me.

Jo Linsdell www.JoLinsdell.com

I have a lot of favourite authors. I’ll always grab the chance to read anything by Ethan Cross, Sophie Kinsella, Susan Hatler, Rick Riordan, most recently added to my list, Jojo Moyes.

Leslie Conzatti www.upstreamwriter.blogspot.com

Oh man, I always have a really long answer for this question! Mostly because my reading has been so diverse that I’ve found authors in pretty much every genre whom I trust enough to recommend!

There’s Michael Crichton for really in-depth sci-fi thrillers; David Baldacci if you’re into crime thrillers with stellar characters; Cornelia Funke and Naomi Novik both write incredible fantasy that will sweep you away; Mark Lawrence is an author for those who are more into the “grimdark” fantasy; Brandon Sanderson is another great author who must be experienced; Oh, and if you see a book by Marissa Meyer–you’re in for a great time! Jim Butcher writes just as good steampunk as he does paranormal investigator novels, too!

Brandy Potter www.brandypotterbooks.com

I have three. Everyone knows I recommend Nora Roberts for Romance Suspense. She is a local author and  I love her besides. Heather Graham is amazing with Paranormal Romance and she stands alone in the genre. Last but not least for Fantasy Adventure I recommend David Eddings. His writing style is amazing!

What do you think? Which authors do you swear by? Do you have a 3AM author buddy? Or do you hop from one to another and enjoy the thrill each has to offer? Do you agree with our bloggers here? Share your thoughts and comments below. We would love to know your take on the topic.

Summer Bookish Blog Hop was at Fee Kelly yesterday, discussing the topic “Do you review all the books that you read?” You can check out the blog at ebookddicts.net. Tomorrow, we shall be heading off to visit Eline at lovelyaudiobooks.info/ where we’ll be answering the question “How do you choose the next book to read?

Missed out the blogs from the previous days? Don’t worry. Find all the topics that were previously discussed on the links below. Join us at your pace and enjoy the discussions.

35 thoughts on “What authors do you always read and recommend?

    1. That’s the fun of discussing with everyone – especially people who are like-minded. You get amazing new authors to try out and expand your favorites list 🙂 Thanks a lot for commenting, Fee


      1. Jo….. You say that EVERY hop! I am going to send you The Collector PM me your address on FB or your Kindle info and it’s on it’s way. Then you have no choice lol


  1. It used to be Nora Roberts for me, but I started to notice that I didn’t enjoy some of her newer stuff. My (current) favorite author is Kresley Cole. I recommend her for people who like Paranormal Romance.


  2. There are so many great authors out there. I am trying to recommend some of the lesser known authors that I’ve found, like Priscilla Oliveras or Kerry Evelyn or Kristin Ward. All excellent, just don’t have the big names yet!


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