Worst film adaptation of a book

Yesterday we discussed heavily on our love for reading and how it has impacted our lives. It is a subject that is close to many of our hearts as for most of us, reading is the source of our existence. We had an amazing time with Lindsey on her blog Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde discussing this topic. Today, we move on to our next big topic for discussion – Worst film adaptation of a book.

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Books are an author’s way of telling a story to their readers. We fall in love with the details and the way the author crafts a story. However, most of the time, when a movie is attempted out of a well-received book, the end result does not get satisfactory. There are logical reasons behind it – the budget of the movie, the necessity to restrict the movie time, the ability of the director to touch upon as much details as possible. But for us viewers, who are also huge fans of these books, these things does not matter. We want to watch come alive the book that we loved so much. And when it does not work out, we are left being utterly disappointed.

There are so many movies which are adapted from books and, I think, did a terrible job. I could go on and on about them. But one that stands out right now for me is Harry Potter. If someone were to watch the movies without reading the books, they would miss out on so many nuances and co-relations of the characters and the way they behaved or reacted to various incidents. The story-line which JK Rowling has created has so many intricate and delicate details which link many events across all the books to one another and effectively create a domino effect. That domino effect is lost in the movies as that avenue is not explored. And that gets highly disappointing for the book lovers.

This is my version of the worst movie adaptation. Here is what the blogging forum has to say on the topic.

Leslie Conzatti

Actually, there’s two… and they both cast the same actor in the lead role. (coincidence?)

The first is Alex Rider: Stormbreaker, which is based on the first book in a teen espionage series (think “14-year-old James Bond”) by Anthony Horowitz. It was back in the days of Blockbuster, and we children were browsing for a movie to watch that night, and we found this one, that looked really cool and sounded awesome, and yeah, watching it for the first time was a little corny, but still fun. It was the second time, watching it with friends, that I came to realize just how super-lame it really was, as a movie in and of itself. Plenty of big-name actors to go around–in roles that did not suit them at all!

Then we found the book series, and it became very clear that the movie strayed far from the source material. Horowitz writes well-balanced, cleverly-paced, detailed scenes… and the movie shows big explosions and breaking glass and fast cars. LAME.

The second was a huge disappointment for me, since I kind of discovered it first and really wanted to introduce it to the rest of my family. I had been seeing trailers and clips to this movie I Am Number Four and it looked really cool and fascinating–I even found the book at the library and read about half of it before we had to leave. When the movie was released, we rented it and sat down to watch it–and even though I had only read half the book, it was painfully obvious the parts that they didn’t explain very well in the film, or left out entirely! I wasn’t surprised that the film didn’t perform well in the box office, with the terrible piecemeal hack-job the producers did with it–the book series, though, is 100% worth the read! I had no idea how extensive it was–with each successive book I would pick it up thinking “Okay, this is the one where they all finally do the thing!” and then inevitably I’d get to the cliffhanger on the last page and think “HAVE MERCY, THERE’S MORE???” Brilliant, brilliant, all the way through–and with the special effects the moviemakers cooked up, it could have been totally legit for them to do the whole series–but no. Boo.

Brandy Potter

The world is going to come at me with knives blazing, but my first is Kubrick’s The Shining. I like the film school things in the movie. However, as a King fan and having read the book, believe it or not, the mini-series was much better. Wendy is reduced to a screaming idiot. In the book she is a much stronger woman. Nicholson, while delivering one of his most iconic performances, takes things to such an extreme that the point of Jack being an everyday person, essentially that he could be you is lost. The film also glosses over the key fact that alcohol is the cause of Jack’s downfall. It’s hinted at but trivialized. Moreover Jacks downfall is not portrayed for the tragedy it is. Also Danny’s gift is seen more as a catatonic state rather than for what it is. Essentially, while striving to make a ‘Kubric’ film, the humanity of the characters are lost and that humanity is KEY to Stephen King.

Next is The Great Gatsby, any adaptation. I don’t really know why and I can’t really put my finger on it, but there has not been a single adaptation that gets the vibe of the book. The characters are always slightly off, almost like looking at a picture JUST out of focus.

Jo Linsdell

As a huge Percy Jackson fan, I have to say the Percy Jackson films. Whilst I did enjoy the films, they were so different from the books. They changed some really big, important details from the story which basically completely changed the plot.

I’m also going to add Me Before You. The book was an emotional rollercoaster that left me with all the feels. The film fell flat. There wasn’t the right chemistry between Louisa and Will, they left bits out, and it just felt like a bit of a let down after reading the book (which was amazing btw!).

Renee Huggins

I’ve got to go with Ender’s Game. It’s not the worst film adaptation of a book, but it’s the one on my mind.

My son was a huge fan of the book, so I made a big deal about taking him to see it on opening night. I felt so bad that I let him get an extra bag of candy on the way out of the theater.

The star bloggers have spoken. But what about you? Do you feel strongly about any movie adaptation of a book? Did you have very high expectations when you favorite book came as a movie in a theatre near you but was highly disappointed coming out of the movie theatre? Which movie made you want to get out of the movies and back to your book world as that is the only world that made sense? Comment below and share your disappointment with us.

Tomorrow we shall be hopping over to Brandy Potter to discuss a much pleasant topic – Favorite book of 2019 so far. That is sure to lift your mood up after this discussion today.

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17 thoughts on “Worst film adaptation of a book

  1. Oh, wow, you went for the big one! lol. I saw a couple HP movies before reading the books. I never finished watching the series, but they are what made me want to read the books. Well, that and my son is a huge fan. I loved reading the series but never thought about watching the movies again. I wonder what I’d link of them now.


    1. Hi Renee Thanks for commenting. Yes, all the opinions in the blog were pretty huge but accurate. Most of the times, when a movie is made of a book, they can’t cover it all and we end up disappointed.


  2. I completely agree with the Percy Jackson one. I read the books years after seeing the films and it’s so different. I still like the movies, but not as much as the books.

    The most disappointing Harry Potter movie for me was Order of the Phoenix. The book has a massive battle in the Ministry of Magic that my cousin and I were so excited for. It didn’t happen


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