She never really liked turning the switch off. It was always associated with darkness to her. Even as a child, going to sleep with lights on were always easier for her than with the lights off. But Mom never allowed that. “How would you grow out of your fear of darkness if you continue to enable your fear?” But Mom never really understood the creatures that lurked in the darkness. As a child, it were closet monsters. As she grew older, the monsters took a more human-like form.

That night was the worst when he tried to attack her. He was supposed to be her protector. He was supposed to be the one saving her, but that day, she had to save herself from her own husband. It took all of her strength but she did save herself from him by pushing him down the stairs. He broke his neck in the fall and went into a coma.

Today, for the first time, she felt good turning this switch. She would finally be free from him after all this time.

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