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The childlike joy of opening a gift is one of the most treasured moments of our lives

Who doesn’t like gifts?

That feeling you get as you unwrap your gift, the skip of your heartbeat that comes with the surprise, the memories glowing inside you every time you see or use the gift over the days to come – it is a special thing. It means that someone cares enough about us to give us something nice, something customized based on their knowledge of our interests and likes. The customization gives an additional glow to the feeling.

The feeling that you get when you open such a gift – that is the feeling we intend to give you when we share a story or a book review or a blog with you on a regular basis. We intend to craft out a story which will entice you, tickle your senses and give you a brief moment of wonder when you finish reading it. We wish to provide you an engaging tale while sharing a book summary with you, that should make you drop everything and go read the book to get the feeling first-hand. We want us to get into a discussion and debate on various topics, while sharing our views on a plethora of things happening around us.

Once upon a time… and that’s how our fairy tale shall begin!

Welcome to Views She Writes. With an updated blog look and brand new stories coming up, there is so much that we have to offer you through my writing. We also have Aneeshya Menon writing for us on this blog. She writes blogs on social causes and issues. She also writes short stories. Currently she is working on a untitled book on a relationship between a mom and her special ability son.

The joy of receiving is further intensified if you share it with someone. So please feel free to share the blog page with your family and friends. Let us be a Santa Claus and share surprises with everyone you love.

A quick clicks for various categories in the blog are given below: (Authors looking to contact me for book reviews can check out my Book Review Policy)

Short Stories – contains short stories ranging from flash fiction to medium length stories

Reviews – being an avid reader, food lover and movie goer, this area showcases my thoughts on various books that choose me, restaurants or food that I really liked and a few interesting movies. I won’t go much on movies as I am not very well-versed with it, but PMac, our contributor is an avid cinema expert and his contributions will come up on movie reviews. This arena also will showcase Author interviews, which is a very favorite activity of mine.

Blogs –  This is how I began my journey of writing – through sharing my thoughts with the world.

Guest Arena – a special spotlight for authors who honour my blog by sharing their thoughts here

Contact me – a way for you, lovely people to reach out to me and share your views and opinions

Come and join us on this wonderful adventure of stories, thoughts and reviews as we embark upon a new journey of literary fun and frolic. Your comments, likes and shares are our encouragement to keep giving you more and more… So don’t forget to like, share and follow. Cheers!!