A book set in the Summer

After spending Day 13 of June with Becki at A booklover’s adventure discussing ‘Books set in places you want to visit‘, we move on to the next day of the month. Day 14 is with Leslie Conzatti at Upstream writer’s blog discussing ‘A book set in Summer‘.

Spend your summer with us while we blog hop all through June in our Summer bookish blog hop, discussing our love for reading, books, reviews and all things related to summer. Want to join us in the next blog hop? Join our Facebook Group.

The fun of the sun is in reading while sunbathing. And the fun gets more intense if the book, too, is set in the sun. When you read the book which has sunlight as bright as that you are experiencing it, the book fees more real and the story feels like it is happening to you right then and there.

It is that feeling which we discussing with Leslie Conzatti at Upstream writer’s blog. To discuss this, we have Brandy Potter, Jo Linsdell and me discussing all our favorite books which are set in Summer. Come and join the fun by clicking on the link ‘A book set in Summer‘.

Day 15 of our blog hop will be spent with Shohinee Deb who has joined our blog hopping for the first time (just like me). We will be discussing our preference for series or stand-alone books on her blog. Come and show your love and support for her by visiting her blog and checking out her writings. Also, don’t forget to comment. That is how we know you dropped by. Cheers!!

Did you miss out on our previous discussions while enjoying the Summer? Don’t worry. We have your back here. We know how much summer can make us forget things (look at me, I don’t get to blog every day and I blame it all on Summer). But, as I said, we have your back. Check out all the daily posts in the link below. You shall be up-to-date.

  1. Which book do you wish you had written? – Hosted by Jo Linsdell
  2. Would you or do you choose a book solely on the cover? – Hosted by Eline
  3. Do you review all the books you read? – Hosted by Fee Kelly
  4. What authors do you always read and recommend? – Hosted by Views She Writes
  5. How do you choose the next book to read? – Hosted by Eline
  6. Do you read classics? If so, what is your favorite? – Hosted by Kim
  7. Is there a specific genre you like to read during the Summer? – Hosted by A booklover’s adventure
  8. How do you keep track of books you will be reviewing or reading? – Hosted by Leslie Conzatti
  9. What were some of the most memorable books you read as a child? – Hosted by Laura Doherty – Sawdust & Spoons
  10. What book are you currently reading? – Hosted by Fee Kelly
  11. A book on your TBR you can’t wait to read this Summer – Hosted by Views She Writes
  12. A book cover with a great Summer feel to it – Hosted by Eline
  13. Books set in places one wants to visit – Hosted by Becki

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