Auto-buy authors

Various point of views were discussed in our previous topic of ‘one or multiple point of views‘ at Lili’s blog. Now that we know where we stand on point of views, let us discuss about authors. Do you auto buy your favorite authors? We are hosted at Jackie’s blog Bookworm Cafe.

All through the month of June, we are celebrating Summer Bookish Blog Hop and discussing various summer related topics on books, reading and reviewing. Join us on our Facebook Page to share your love and to participate in future blog hops.

Our topic is on auto buying authors. With the social media and internet being vastly used by authors to publicize their books way ahead of release, it is a good exposure to fans to decide whether they want to purchase the next one or not. With Amazon and so many other online shopping portals giving us options to auto-purchase and pre-order, the sale of the book starts way ahead of it coming into the market. Sometimes, we miss out on some promotions of our favorite authors, but with auto-buy, the issue is sorted and the book automatically comes to us when it is released.

Our star blogger Jackie is hosting this topic and sharing her thoughts on auto-buying of books. Apart from Jackie, we have a ton of other star bloggers sharing their opinion. Come over to Jackie’s and share your opinion. Do you auto-buy books?

Our next stop is at Fee Kelly’s to discuss ‘How do you feel about cliffhangers’. We are almost coming to an end of our blog hopping. Want to check all our pit-stops through the month that passed? Check out the list below.

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