Best quotes from a book

Yesterday we had an amazing day at Shohinee Deb on her blog ‘Trails of Tales‘ having a never-ending debate on ‘Do you prefer stand-alone books or series?‘. Doubtlessly we had tremendous fun with her quirky writing, wonderful comments from star bloggers and engaging conversation with the readers. Today, we are hoping for the same engagement as we hop on to Eline and her blog to discuss one of my favorite topics ‘Best quotes from a book’.

Summertime is fun time when it is spent with friends. And that is what we are doing all Summer. Through the month of June, we shall be hopping from one blogger friend to another while discussing our favorite topics on books, reading, reviewing and all things related to Summer. Are you feeling left out? Nothing to worry about. Join us in the next blog hop through our Facebook page.

Books are voice straight to us from our favorite authors. And every book is the author’s attempt at wooing their fans into the story line with their words. In this dance of words resonating from the author to the readers, some of them manage a lasting image on the minds of the readers. These quotes touch something deep within us, at times even changing our lives to a certain degree.

It is these quotes that we are discussing today at Eline’s blog while we talk about our favorite book quotes where Eline shares some of the wonderful quotes which as caught her attention over the period of time in her favorite books. We also have guest appearances from Jo Linsdell, Brandy Potter, Leslie Conzatti, Valerie, Becki, A Book Lover’s Adventures and me to share our favorite quotes which has managed to impact our lives in some way or the other.

Join us in the discussion and share your favorite quotes. The fun of sharing is that you get a chance to influence someone else’s lives with your favorite quotes, just like it did to you. Tomorrow we shall hop on to a new blogger this month – Lindsey Russell at Rambling of a Misguided Blonde to discuss ‘How reading inspires your everyday life’. Don’t forget to share your love by joining us in the hop to Lindsey’s blog and checking out her wonderful writing.

Did you miss out on our previous discussions? Don’t worry. The list below will ensure that you never miss out on any of the discussions.

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