How do you choose the next book to read?

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Yesterday, I had the honour of hosting the Summer Bookish Blog hoppers on my blog and we discussed “What authors do you always read and recommend?” If you missed the discussion, click on the link and check out all the fun that we had. Today we are going back to Eline‘s blog at to discuss “How do you choose the next book to read?”

All through the month of June, we will be visiting different hosts, discussing various topics on reading and reviewing. Want to be part of future Bookish Blog Hops? Join our Facebook group.

Many say reading is the easiest hobby. It is only those voracious readers who would say that as much efforts go into finding the right book to read next as would to any other. Only a reader can understand how difficult it is to finish a wonderful book and then be daunted with the task of the next good book to read.

With so many genres and so many new authors coming with fresh and untouched content, the struggle of finding the next book to read has increased ten folds. The ability to self-publish is ensuring no authors have to stay behind the permission slips of editors and publishers. Everyone has a right to have their book published and to share with potential readers. Whether the content be good or not, at least it is the readers who decide and that is an honest opinion.

With so much to read and so little time, the struggle of finding the next perfect book is as real as any other struggle. And it is this struggle that we are addressing today in our Summer Blog Hop hosted by Eline at

We have super bloggers like Jo Linsdell, Brandy Potter, Kim J, Leslie Conzatti, Fee Kelly sharing their opinions and tricks on finding the next perfect book to read. Come and share your secrets on how you select your book. Also check out what our visiting bloggers have to say. Click on the link and join us at the blog where we are hosted by Eline and having a whole lot of fun.

Tomorrow, we shall be visiting Kim at and discussing classics. Do you read classics? What is your favorite one? Come and join us in sharing our love for classics, which are truly eternal.

Want to know what we were up to in the last few days? Check out the previously answered questions and the host details in the list below:

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